Kaloor international stadium – rocking audience

Atlast blasters were able to put the ball behind the net after a wait of 4 matches, that too in the home ground. What to say more, fifty thousand people went bizarre and it was something to see. The home crowd of kochi really celebrated their first goal in the new season.

These are the visuals of people roaring after the goal. If you have missed in TV, watch it now. Definitely a goosebump moment

It took two and a half match for blasters to hit the target for the first time. It was something astonishing to note that how a team can move without shots on target. The answer was right there in the yesterday’s match. The intent of the players were clearly seen on ground.

Forty seconds after the start of the match, we got our first short on target. Rafi’s header lacked the pace and was saved by the Goalkeeper. The ball was with blasters most of the times and the did many attempts in the 18 yard box but lacked the crucial final touch.

Blasters completely dominated the Mumbai Fc team till the half time. Fans were sure that something is coming. Even commentators of the match sensed it. It is in the 58th minute of the match Rocky Michael chopra twisted his leg and scored our first goal. Belfort’ s shot didn’t connected well and went rolling to chopra.

Without any huzzles chopra went a couple of steps forward and flicked his leg to earn the goal. The crowd went bizarre to see the goal and celebrated in their way.

Later Kerala played in a defensive manner to protect their one goal lead. But the tactic nearly took their win. A shot by sunny Norde passed the primary line of defense and went through the goalie. But Aaron Hughes stood his ground and cleared it from the goal line. Otherwise result won’t be the same. All credits to Hughes.

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