Kerala – banana – Plastic -chips

We have shown you the video of people using plastic during the production of chips. It was a shocking revelation for us and many people became careful after that. They have show utmost surety while choosing there favourite snack made of banana.

Many have started questioning shopkeepers and argued with them. It is a good thing to do when things like this can affect out health in a serious manner. Many skipped the chips and went for other safe options.

At this moment , i want to say that there is a only a small fraction of people who uses such bad methods. There count is below one percent of the total chip manufacturers. So there is no need to skip chips, you have to choose it wisely. make sure that the chips you are buying is free from plastic.You can easily identify them from the real ones.

There texture and colour differs from the real ones in a considerable manner. Many people have skipped chips and this is going to affect the food industry in a serious manner. There is no need to skip it, you have to be a little extra careful. that’s all.

Here is a migrant Indian who had to face the issue of plastic chips. When a friend came back from kerala, he gifted him a pack of chips.

As he was aware about the plastic chips in kerala, he decided to check it by burning it. The result was shocking. The chips caught fire and lit up like candle. Also a plastic like fluid came from the chips.

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