Kerala govt dept

If you insist for something useless, this is going to happen. This is an perfrct example for such a situation. The incident took place in a remote village. The people in the village found a huge king cobra in a parked two wheeler. The cobra is lengthy and poisonous. they informed the forest officers imediately and they managed to reach the spot at time. A snake catcher accompanied them. Even though cobras are heavily poisoned they don’t bite people usually. The bite from the king cobra in the whole world is below ten per year. These ten happens only because of the fault from human side. I want to remember you people that i am not supporting the cobra like the dog activists.

Somehow, the snake catcher managed to get a hold of the poisonous snake and put it in a fiber sack. Job completed and they started to move the cobra in the sack. Suddenly a twist in the story by villagers. Some of the villagers insisted that the cobra must be transffered in an iron cell. They blocked the transfer of the cobra for an iron cage. Atlast the officers had to obey them. It took nearly four hours for the iron cage to come there. The protesters were happy to see the iron cage.

The snake was unloaded into the cage from the fiber sack. Seconds the after the unloading process, the cobra managed to squeeze its head through one of the holes of the cage. People got afraid of the snake and ran away. In the rush some people got some injuries. The poor snake catcher somehow managed to catch the snake into the old sack. They moved the cobra in the sack. This time nobody protested for the cobra’s rights and stand calmly. Later the cobra was released in one of the jungles.

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