Kozhikode corporation insult me says Mamukkoya

Famous actor Mamukoya’s house pathway has been destructed by the corporation authorities for road widening. The actor was very surprised to see the demolition activities without any prior information. The incident took place two days back in Kozhikode.

This is the video how the actor reacted to the demolition activities. The operation was carried by JCB in presence of corporation authorities, leaving the actor fuming.

All the shops infront of mamukoya’s house have been removed. The destruction also included the concrete pathway that leads to his house.

He alleged that the pathway is far away from house and the authorities didn’t even cared to inform him. The actor also said he have not made any encroachment and was humiliated by the corporation activities.

At the same time the corporation authorities said that they have issued a prior notice to the actor and was informed about the same. But he said that have not received any notice.

The actor is trying to contact higher officials for future steps. The actor also said that the police officials didn’t behave well with him.

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