kseb bill – how to pay online

We all are leaving in a ultra modern era and why we should we pay the bills in the same old way, standing in long lines. Sometimes the standing takes hours to reach the front desk.

To avoid this our state electricity board has introduced a facility through which we can pay the bills online. It is going to be a big help for many people. From now people can avoid standing long lines for hours. If you don’t know how to pay bills onlines, follow these simple steps.

Go to Kseb.in. This is the official website of state electricity board. When you reach the home page, you can see a option named ‘View bill’. Click it and look for the sections in the page. You can see a ‘select section’ and consumer number options. Fill it and submit. On the next page we will see an exact copy of the bill that is delivered to home. Then open a new tab. Open the Kseb website again. There we have a link named ‘pay bills online’, Click it and look for the options in the next page. Fill the details in it.

During filling the details, if you don’t know bill number, check on the previous tab, where we have opened the bill. Copy the bill number and paste it here. After filling it, submit it. Use your debit or credit card to pay the bills. One can also use internet banking to pay the bill.

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