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12 days had passed since the Tamil Nadu Chief minister got admitted in Chennai Apollo hospital owing to a heavy fever and dehydration. There is no clarity in the matter whether she is ok or not. Rumors are doing rounds from all the corners. Between them the latest one is a voice recording in the name of a nurse working in the hospital. The voice recording clearly states that Brain death had taken place to the chief minister and the news would be out within 48 hours. The nurse also said that The authorities are in fear of the response from the common people. Even a riot is possible. Inorder to avoid these things, everything has kept as confidential.

This is the first time somebody has openly admitted the truth. The video uploaded on youtube is spreading like a fire in Tamil Nadu. The irony is that close relatives or party workers didn’t came forward to reject the brain death rumour. The authorities are in a dilemma about the release of medical reports even after the order from high court. At the same time, special rituals were conducted for Jayalalitha’s health in 108 temples of kerala. Many churches and mosques also took part in the prayer. Many prominent personalities and industrialists were present at the time of prayers.

Jayalalitha who is admitted to the apollo hospital’s intensive care unit in the second floor is still unconscious. John Richard, a London based doctor is leading the medical team of 12 doctors. The second floor is completely under police protection. Breathing takes place through fitted machines. She has been struck with sepsis, a immunity destroying disease. Also the level of sugar in blood make things worse. Blood pressure is also rising and the working of liver has stopped partially.

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  1. Raju Charles says:

    Lie low!
    I have nothing but questions for Amma’s health and future of Tamil Nadu!

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