Lover in Trouble

There is something that every boy or girl should learn from this video. Never ever try for a second love, when you are already in one relationship. Now it’s like trend or a matter of prestige for every boy and girl to have more than one relationship. Often it leads to serious issues like this one. There are cases happened in the past where the genuine one commits something to the extreme. So try to be genuine in your relationship and avoid these kind of harsh situations in which you have to bow your head down.

The incident happened infront of a mall in delhi. The Boy who was already in a relationship tried to roam around with another girlfriend. The first girlfriend and his friends caught the boy red handed and what happened next was not so good for the boy. The girl was spared by the group but the boy was not so lucky. Also the footage has been shared on majority social media platforms. So i don’t think that the young man can go outside without his head being bowed down. His family also have to suffer this humiliation. so guys never ever try for these type of cheap tricks.

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