Lovers Choice

We have seen many romantic albums in Malayalam. There are some albums which stays in our mind our ever. New album “Iniyum” is definitely going to be in the hit chart for sometime. The wonderful song in combination with amazing locations made this song an amazing experience.

The love musical “Iniyum” has a dedicated crew behind the work. Sajeer koppam is the lead singer and Shafi Eppikad is the director of this beautiful album. The beautiful lines of the song are written by Anas Edathodika and is composed by the duo Firoz and Jafar Perla. The hands behind the quick cuts is Shamsu Damfa. Razak valencheri and Jafer Perla are the pillars of the album in the role of producers. Marketing of the album is done by sk and uk.

A song which describes the feeling love is termed as love song. It is not necessary that the song is about human relationships. It can be of any type of relationships. These songs are considered as a way to express love and has been used since ancient history.

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