Man carries wife’s body for 10 km

In Bhubaneswar a man walked 10 km with his wife’s body. His weeping 12 year daughter was alongside. He didn’t had the money to catch a vehicle to bring the dead body to his village, which is 60 km away from the government hospital.

The man is Dana Majhi. HIs wife Amang Dei, aged 42 died of tuberculosis on tuesday. When asked about the incident he said ” I had asked for the help many times to the hospital authorities. But they never took my request”. Majhi is from a poor family and couldn’t afford a vehicle. So he wrapped his body in a cloth and he set out on foot for his village along with his daughter. The couple belonged to Odisha’s poorest state kalahandi.
When he completed 10 km walk, he met with a news reporter team. The reporter called a senior official and arranged help for the man. Majhi travelled the remaining 50 km in the ambulance arranged by the official.
On last February, Odisha government started a scheme called mahaparayana which delivers the dead body to home at free of cost. For this purpose government had alloted 37 ambulances. But none of them was there to help the poor man.

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