Marana Kinar Act

High speed cars and bikes that nearly passes through each other, marana kinar aka well of death is something to watch for. The show is done by experienced riders. It can be seen on some circus shows and in festival areas. Sometimes it looks so simple and cheerful, but it is equally dangerous.

The well is a circular wooden enclosure which heights about 20 foot high. The performance takes place inside the cup like structure.people watches it from the top of the structure. During the act, the bikes and cars runs parallel each other in different designs. Bikers often perform individual actions like standing, saluting, waving etc. The vehicles are ridden on a speed upto 100 km/hr.

The show was done by males as it requires large amount of effort. But in last twenty years females also have accepted the challenge and are doing a fine job. Baby khan from Kerala is a fine example for this. She is the lead lady face in the act.

The first step of learning the act is to ride in circles. Next they have to practise it in the well. Then only they are allowed to perform different coordinations. Even though the act is life threatening they only earn a little.

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