meat waste

This is one of the most terrific incident happened you will see ever and is about to change your food habits completely. Meat wastes about two quintel were captured from nadapuram. The latest revelation is the waste is used to add fat to the shawarma.

Two other state employees were arrested from the spot. Meat wastes were stored in a remote place building a temporary shed. Meat wastes included meats of Cow, goat and buffalo. They were stored in closed packets mixing a large amount of salt in it.

Salt is added to avoid the bad smell of the meat. Dry meat was also captured from the spot. Health authorities clearly said that these meat wastes are prepared to place between the chicken layers of Shawarma.

At first, when neighbors inquired about the packets they were misguided by saying that they are fertilizers. But some of the neighbours complained to the health authorities about the bad smell coming from the shed. On this search operation, the authorities found packets of wastes.

These meat wastes are used to give thickness and fat to the shawarma. They are placed between the layers of chicken. According to the workers captured, They have started the process three months back. Police have registered a case against the culprits and started an investigation based on nearby shops.

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