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We have heard the word ‘ottamooli’ a million times. What is Ottamooli ? It is a category of medicine used in Ayurveda. It is a malayalam and is commonly used in kerala. These medicines minimum number of ingredients. They only contain one or two ingredients. Also they shouldn’t be consumed with other medicines. The medicines are collected through traditional wisdom. The substances in the medicine are easily available and are very common in nature. Medicines vary for different diseases. It depends upon the physique of the patient. The biggest advantage of this medicine is that it doesn’t have any side effects. There are different ottamooli for different diseases.

1) fever

*To get relief from fever, drink tulsi juice with honey.
* Boil water with pepper,ginger in it and drink it.
* Make a paste using the skin of kanjiram and apply on hands and legs.

2) throat pain

* Chew pepper for a long time
* Apply papaya’s stem juice on the neck.
* Boil water with tea in it and vibe the water in your throat

3) for small injuries

* Add salt to lemon juice and apply to the wounded part.
* Make mustard paste and apply on wounds.
* Apply tamarind past to the wound.
* Apply chandanam paste to the wound

4) Blood pressure

* Dry and crush watermelon seeds. Eat it regularly.
* Eat drumstick leaf regularly.
* Drink boiled water with garlic and cumin seeds.

5) red eyes

* Apply honey on eyes.

6) Cold

* Drink honey with lemon juice.
* Drink Tulsi juice.

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