Mother at its extreme

I don’t know whether this mother have heart ? By her actions I don’t think she owns one. I have seen different kinds of mother around me. Usually they are the symbol of love and keep their children from any kind of danger. But what we have witnessed here is the exact opposite of what i had said. This mother hits the bottom of the chart and cannot be shown as a example for anyone. Even if she is not his mother, i doubt whether any lady can do such a thing to a little baby. Babies are cute and considered as the symbol of love. The mother here is not thinking about the valuable life gifted by god. These people are the ones who brings discolor to the entire humanity. In my opinion this women in the footage is a shame for all Indians.

If you haven’t noticed the footage yet, this is a mother bathing her son. Don’t know whether she has been triggered by something by the baby. Anyway doing something like this for reason doesn’t suits humanity, especially a mother. Usually ladies are considered as soft minded people, but the case is reverse here. The lady is purely a hard minded one. if she can do things like this to a kid, then she can do anything up to the extreme. This is not something expected from a house wife and also it not the way to treat her son.

The mother here is washing his son with her feet, that too by applying a lot of pressure to the little one. The little boy is crying and the lady doesn’t care about it even a single time. The way the lady pushed is definitely not for soft minded people. The footage has been shot by a neighbor.

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