Musical album

This is one of the most beautiful album i have ever seen. The Album is titled as Olangalkuapppuram. The album tells the love story of a couple who lives in a a small villgae. The girls sents her feelings through letters. In this age of internet and whatsapp this is something that creates an amount of nostalgic feeling. The album is already a megahit in youtube over fifty thousand viewers. The camera work and bgm is excellent through out the album.

The album is directed by Akhil s kiran. The beautiful music of the album is also produced by the director himself. MAhesh s Gopal has written the lyrics of the song. Idea star singer fame Najim Arshad has sung the song beautifully. The cinematography of the album is done by Nilkhil s praveen and it is one of the best element of the album. The cuts of the album is done by Ajith kumar ps. Jinu Binu has written the story of the film.

The art section is handled by Sreeraj. Praveen pravi has worked as the assistant director. Sreekuttan and akshara has assumed the roles of beautiful couple. Sham Kumar has done the programming. Jayadev is worked as the sound engineer. Oshin green, kottayam has been used for studio works.

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