must carefully – used cars

The market for used cars is huge and is growing in rapid manner. Many people prefer to buy used cars rather than new ones because of the budget. When it comes to buying a used car, there are some things we should take care.

Otherwise we are going to land in deep trouble. First thing to do is collect options as much as possible and compare it with others. Analyse your need and budget. Also go through the technical specifications of these cars.

Select a car that suits your lifestyle. The first thing to notice is the age of the car. it is very important that you should check the age of the car. If it is outdated model getting spare parts would be very difficult. There are dealers which provides service and Maintenance warranty. Check for them and find a suitable dealer.

Buying cars from individuals is also ok, make sure that you going with a mechanic to check it properly so that you don’t have to worry anymore in future. Also inquire the reason for selling the car and method in which car was used.

Always remember to check that whether the car have any accident history. if you don’t check these things, it can land you in deep trouble. Take the car for test driving for atleast 5 km. Check the braking time and metres.

Smoothness of the clutch should be ensured during test driving. Test every gear and make sure that it is working properly. After the test driving check for oil leaks. A car aged 3 to 5 years with average run is a good buy.

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