new technology – introduced

Which is the borest thing in the world ? No doubts, it’s standing in a line for a long time. It is not fruitful always and considered as one of the toughest things to do. At times one have to stand for hours and still they don’t get the result they intended for. With the introduction of least technologies and internet facilities, que has been averted in some places. But there are some places in our life where we still have to stand in a line irrespective of the technology. Lets meet a new technology that will change the way we stand in line forever.

The new technology has been introduced in Tokyo. It completely changes the way in which we stand in a line for hours. Have you ever thought a automatically line ?. Yes it is interesting and time saving. Above all of it, it ends your feeling of boredom. I have always thought of such a thing and now it has come to reality. Now we don’t have to stand anymore in the long line. The biggest car company in japan has introduced the new technology which moves the people standing itself.

Anyway the technology has become viral over the internet. The technology is named as pro pilot chair. Nissan, the giant car make has invented the technology. It shows the people sitting in a chair in order rather than standing, outside a restaurant. When the man at the first chair makes a move into the restaurant, the chair moves itself and arranges the next man in front. Nissan’s car technology has been used here and is all set to test on all leading hotels.

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