Oh my god – WHAT A RIDE

Oh my god, what is this ? I have been to many rides and parks, but not one like this in my whole life.This looks so scary. I will have a second thought before entering this gigantic ride. Definitely it is gonna rise your heart beat for sometime.

I think people with high blood pressure and heart issues should stay away from these rides. These are the height at which mechanical devices are created to enjoy and thrill people. This one is going to be a nightmare for some people.

The amazing ride is a combination of flat rides, gravity ride and vertical ride. Flat rides are those which moves in flat surface parallel to the ground. The energy required here is medium.

Gravity rides are those which moves with the help of gravity. such rides require less energy as it will be moved by the help of gravity. These include the downfall in a roller coaster ride.

The third one vertical rides is a high energy consuming one. It moves against the natural gravitational force, so a lot of energy is required to pull the ride. It can be termed as a slow ride.

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