oman robbery

Even though Oman is one of the peaceful country in the world, number of thefts are increasing day by day. This is a recent theft happened near bakala, Oman. The theft happened at a grocery store owned by an Indian. Two black people were behind the theft and The Indian was unable to do anything as he was alone. Luckily the whole incident was recorded in the CCTV placed at the shop.

One of the black man came into the shop as a regular customer. He asked for something and at the same time he was checking out the shop very closely. May be he was looking for the presence of others in the shop. When he checked out that there is nobody in the shop, the man took a long sword from his dress. The owner of the shop got completely frightened. At the same another black man appeared at the entrance of the shop. He was staying at the door as a support for the man.

Anyway, the first man took all the money from the table and kept checking out for more. He also took the mobile phone of the owner. When the owner tried to make a move, he swished the sword at him. Poor owner returned back to his old position. Even though countries like Oman have strict laws, robberies in these countries are increasing day by day. They should find a way to tackle this problem.

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