pesticide on dry fruits

Don’t know how many of you can think about the heavy pesticides in dry fruits? The dry fruits like grapes, cashewnut etc are also being induced by pesticide. this is a serious issue and an eye opener for everyone. Dried foods always look tasty and delicious. but we often don’t know the fact that it is filled with chemicals and pesticides. We should be very careful while choosing them.

The toxins from these products can completely damage our health and can cause serious diseases like cancer. It may also cause eye and skin irritation. It is the season of onam that is coming and a lot of dried fruits are used in this period. So one should be extremely careful while chooding the items. It may look super clean and bubbly, but at the same it may cause harm to your health.

These dried fruits are often sprayed with heavy toxic pesticides. It is done intenionally just to keep it fresher for longer days. People in our society have a myth that dried things can be kept fresh for longer time periods without any fungi attack. But this is not the actual case. These fruits have high chance of getting attacked by fungi in a short span of time. Inorder to keep the food item safe.

These pesticides are applied on the food item. Often they are sprayed on them in large quamtities. Somtimes the fruits are dipped in the pesticide solution for a period of time. It also gives a fresh look to the dry fruits. These pesticides are available on the market at a cheaper rate. That also promotes the pesticide application. It also doesn’t cost them much and also doubles the profit. The government has not taken any action to curb these pesticide attack on humans till now.

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