police head constable exam manpractice – kerala

I have seen many students copying in exams. This is the first i am witnessing the copying by police officers. This is not a cooked up story. It had actually happened.

The incident happened during the police constable exam in Kollam. Kollam police commissioner catched more than 20 police officers who tried to use bits in exam. Anyway this is funny. The police officers who are enforced with law is breaking law here.

The exam was conducted to promote constables to head constables. In short, it was a wage increase exam. More than 950 people from the district attented the exam for promotion.

During the exam there was an unexpected checking done by kollam police commissioner Devesh kumar Behra. The officers who were using bits for exams fell in this trap. The commissioner catched more than 25 people who used bits in exam. The culprits were forced to leave the exam hall.

The incident remembered childhood memories where we used to copy stuffs from each other. Some of them were really in agony as they lost a precious one year. Ipc, evidence act were the exams conducted on early morning.

Minor act was the topic for the evening shift. Sub inspectors were assigned as invigilators. According to the majority, exam was very tough.

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