Prawns injected with silicon gel to make it look big

Which is your favorite fish item ? If the question is to me, i would definitely answer it with Prawn. For most of the people prawn is their favourite fish item. It is very expensive. The tasty fish have a huge market in domestic and foreign markets. As in any commodity, when demand increases, adulteration takes place. Here is a shocking footage of our favourite fish item. The workers are injecting silica gel into the prawns. After the injection, the prawns looks bigger and will increase the weight definitely.

The biggest disadvantage of silica gel is that it cannot be identified by inspection. The injection takes between the time period when the prawn is caught and sold. It is matter of profit and these guys never think of other’s health. More the weight, more the profit. It is their thinking mentality. The only way to buy a prawn in a safe manner is to buy it when it is alive. A silica gel injected prawn cannot live more than five minutes.

The authorities are not working efficiently in this matter. If they had conducted proper investigation and tests, these types of adulteration cannot take place. Local merchants are innocent in this case. They don’t know anything about this. It is the factories that does these kind of things. These adulteration stories way back to a decade and still continuing. It shows the lack of Government intervention.

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