Pregnancy boy or girl simply to check at yourself

Am I having boy or girl ? This is one of the most tricky question faced by parents. During pregnancy parents naturally think about the baby. There will be a eagerness to know whether they are going to have a sweet little girl or a bouncing boy. Gender testing is banned by the government and is a punishable offense. This is due to the surging girl abortions in the country. So only way is to wait till delivery.

Be happy, there are certain ways which gives you the gender of your baby. Studies have shown that blood tests of mother during pregnancy can reveal the gender of the baby. This is 95% accurate. According to experts mother’s blood contain small amount of child DNA.
Another way to determine the gender is by the shape of a woman’s stomach. If a woman is carrying high, then it is a girl otherwise it is a boy. Also there is a myth that those women who crave for salty food wil have a boy and those who crave for sweet food is girl.

If women feels heartburn often during pregnancy, it means that the baby is growing with a lot of hair. It is a hoax and have no scientific background. Above said ways are not scientifically proved but have a fair chance to happen.

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