A Pregnant Sword Swallower

Veronica Hernandez, aged 27 who is nine months pregnant has swallowed a word. She is a sword swallower by profession and is doing it for past 3 years. It took her two and half years to learn how to swallow one. Please don’t try this at home.

According to Veronica anybody having good knowledge about human body can perform this act. They simply have to train. Our body is capable of doing some amazing things and it is one of them. The tip of the sword is dull. It passes through the oesophagus, and touches the stomach between the lungs.

When she became pregnant she had to adapt her body a little to accommodate this technique. She have to keep a close look at her posture and had to do it so straight. She is confident that it is not going to hurt her baby anyway. She didn’t tried this when she got pregnant with her first daughter.

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