Presence of Coliform bacteria found in Drinking Water Supplies in Hotels

This is a shocking revelation by Asianet news. When we go to a hotel, we often feel worried about the food they supply. Many check kitchens just to make sure that everything is alright.

But nobody cares about the drinking water. After watching this you are gonna feel a little worried about the water you drink in hotels.

The asisnet news team conducted this operation in hotels situated at kochi. There are a large number of hotels working in kochi without taking proper precautions.

here is a perfect example for it. the team collected water from five different hotels. They even enquired about the water at reception. The team was ensured that the water is perfectly boiled and is pure. The team collected water in bottles and cans.

After collecting they moved to a water testing centre approved by government. They check the water in the lab there and the result was shocking. Three out of five hotels are supplying non boiled water.

These water samples had a large number of bacteria in it and is extremely dangerous to human health. Bacterias like e-coli can cause serious trouble.

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