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Today I am discussing solutions for a common problem we found in our society – yellowish or darkened teeth. Alot of people are even ashamed to smile because of this bad looking teeth. If you are one among them,its a must watch for you.

According to latest survey, a majority 18%of the population is suffering from this problem and they often conceal there teeth in photos to avoid vulgarity. Yellowish teeth problem mainly arise due to stains from drinking tea, coffee or smoking. No matter how many times they brush the tooth, it still stay as yellowish. So we have assume other ways to get rid of this problem.

Always brush after drinking and eating something. It is the best and simplest way to get rid of yellow teeth. It is dependent upon the place where you are at the time. This technique can completely avoid the risk of staining due to food. Also consult a doctor to clean your teeth in a regular interval of 3 months.

Another technique is the use of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. It is good natural whitening agent. Mix a small amount of both of them and make it as a paste. Use it to brush your teeth and see the result yourself.

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