Quantum of the seas – the gigantic ship

This is the Quantum of the seas, A floating place. Royal Caribbean International is the owner of the ship. The ship has been registered at Nassau, Bahamas.

Meyer Werft has built the ship in such a stunning way. The total cost for building such a giant is US$935 million. The ship was completed in October 2014 and its first journey took place in November of the same year.

The gigantic ship has a tonnage of 168,66 giga tonnes. it has a length of 347.08 m.The draught length is 8.8 m. There are 18 decks in the ship. The ship has the combination of diesel and electric engines. It can achieve speeds upto 22 knots.

The ship have a capacity of nearly 5000 passengers. This is the only ship in the world which has so much technology installed in it. On a tonnage basis it is world’s second largest. The ship nearly took three years to complete the work.

The ship is in service and is landed on the coasts of Muscat. The next destination of the ship is our own Kochi. It will be a great delight to keralites to watch this gigantic ship.

There are 18 restaurants in the ship which serves all kinds of food. The ship also provides a opportunity for people for skydiving. The ship has world class facilities ranging from opera houses to cinema theatres.

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