Reckless Driving Injured Four

We keralites never mind obeying traffic rules. The video is a perfect example for this. Even though we have the highest literacy rate in India, we people don’t even know which side of the road is permitted to walk.

The video shown here is a terrible accident which took place in Wayanad. The footage is obtained from a CCTV placed in a hotel near the accident site. The accident took place when the scooter rider, Harisankar tried to enter the pocket road by crossing the road. Even though he lighted his indicator, the car coming from the other side didn’t picked it and the car collided with the scooter. Harisankar was thrown 20 feets away from the accident site due to impact. The car went out of control and collided with a lorry and a other vehicle. Car was clearly  speeding above the limit.

Luckily no life has lost in the incident. Four got injured and rushed to the nearby hospital. It is high time we mallus should learn and obey traffic rules properly. Otherwise these accidents will repeat again and again.

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