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Regina Cassandra has always been on limelight for her fashion sense. She prefer to be in extremely glamorous outfits. Sometimes it had led to controversies. Same thing happened when she wore a extremely glamorous wardrobe in IIFA award show 2016.

In IIFA utsav she wore a purple half opened dress. Upper back side of the dress was completely open. Many moralists didn’t liked this and as usual a  controversy started about her glamorous dress.



Now the leading actress has come forward with a statement in an interview. She told that she always wanted to wear glamorous outfits and create a unique path. Sometimes things go wrong in fashion. Hollywood actresses Jenifer Lopez always wears the same kind of wardrobe.

She also told that everyone has there own opinion and she respects that. She also expects the same from the fans. Few years back , the actress was confused about the dress but now she is really confident about her outfits. She thinks that people should leave her alone on the wardrobe matters. Because its a person’s choice.

During the stage show a unfortunate incident happened on the stage. When she was on stage, a co-actor stepped on her dress and it splited from the side. She stayed calm on the stage and stitched with the help of stylist later.


When asked about her love life she said she is single now and her marriage  definitely will be a love marriage. According to the actress mother she will spoil the life of the person who marries her. So her mother wanted her to stay single.

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