Selfie Elbow, Coming Soon

Selfie Elbow, Coming Soon – You might have heard a lot about tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow. There is another elbow disease soon coming into the list. It is called selfie elbow.

Selfie elbow is a medical condition you get from taking too many selfies. When you take selfies your hand is placed in awkward positions. Certain people twist there too much for the perfect selfie. Every single when you take a selfie your elbow is forced to absorb a lot of pressure . The condition is serious in people who take large number of selfies in a single day. There are people in our society who take 40 to 50 selfies per day. They have totally become addict to the selfies. Soon they are going to suffer from  selfie elbow.


If are taking selfies regularly, check your elbow for a inflammation. Inflammation combined with severe pain is the main symptom of selfie elbow. If you want to avoid this medical condition, try to avoid overuse of selfies. Still if you want to take selfies, use selfie sticks. It acts as a arm extender and takes away the pressure away from your hand.

Another way is to avoid getting selfie elbow is to change ur selfie hand alternately. If you are taking a selfie with right hand, make sure that you are taking it with your left arm next time. If you saw inflammation on your elbow, put ice on it and take proper medical treatment. Certain exercises can also reduce stress on the elbow.

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