Snake Selfie

Do you know which word is the most commonly used word ? no doubts its ‘selfie’. people will do anything for a selfie. It has become something very common thing similar to oxygen. Sometimes these people put their life on line for a single shot of selfie. Even in yesterday’s news paper there was a news of five people trying to take a selfie near a seashore and got washed away by the sea. Even with the repeated warnings of the authorities, they did such a stupid thing thing because of the craze for a selfie. Selfie disasters have become so common that it is not a new news anymore. People are willing to do anything for a selfie.

Here is young man who had gone too much for a selfie and found himself in trouble. This is one of the classical examples of the extent to which selfies can drag people to. Luckily the it didn’t resulted in any serious injuries. A group of people have caught a big python from their village. The python is a medium sized one and is carried by three men. Suddenly a young man approached the group and tried to take a selfie. he was standing near the head of the snake. Anybody can guess what happened next. Naturally the snake got some free space and the young man is bitten by the snake right in the chest.

Luckily the snake bit was of a low intensity and the young man managed to get relief from the bite quickly. Even though python is a not venomous their bites can cause serious injuries. A simple bite from these organisms can lead to life long infections. Imagine the condition of the young man, if there was a poisonous snake instead of python. So please do not ever try to take such stupid selfies.

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