Study Along With Job In UAE

Study Along With Job In UAE-  Students in UAE can work along with their studies. A new law has been passed by the UAE government in this matter. This new law enables students, ranging from ages 15-18 work along with their studies. Also children above 12 age can take work training.

This is considered as one of the most helpful reforms ever made by UAE government. The law will directly benefit thousands of keralaite students who are currently studying in UAE. Those students who work along with their studies will get all the benefits and allowances enjoyed by a regular worker in the same job. In short, there will be no difference for a student worker and a regular worker.

Students are allowed to work in three permits. They are temporary, part time and juvenile. Temporary permit is for both foreigners and domestic people. It gives the permit holder, the right to work for 6 months. In juvenile and part time permits, students can work upto a period of one year. They can renew it after the period time based on there age.

Children above 12 years can apply for work training permit. Under this permit, they can join any skilled or non skilled work training programmes. To obtain a work training permit, one has to provide parent’s authorisation letter. The number of hours a student can work is limited to six hours. They can also enjoy extra time for prayers, food etc. But the students are prevented from obtaining work visa in 31 dangerous jobs. Student work visa’s can be obtained via smart applications from thahseel centre.

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