stunning performance by a girl – in college

This is one of the most stunning performance i had ever seen. This dance was performed by a college girl in IIT during a dance competition. Hope you are gonna like this mass dance from the cute girl. The girl has excellent dance moves and i think she is a expert dancer. She managed to entertain the audience with her simple yet classy dance moves. She has never tried to perform something complex in the entire time. That is the success of the girl. His costumes also suits the dance and add beauty to the dance moves.

Girls performing simple dance moves are gorgeous to watch. It suits them and adds cuteness. The young girl here is dancing to a beat. It so cute and beautiful to watch that you will watch it for a countless time. The girl is a engineering student and she is dancing for number of hindi songs. The song selected by the girl to dance are hit songs and they topped the music charts for a long time. From a parents viewpoint they can easily identify whether their kid is fond of dance or not. When they watch songs in TV, just make a close watch.

Most kids will shake their body with the beat. Dance is like a sport and can do wonders to your child. It increases the flexibility and strength of the body. It also helps them to stay upto the mark all the time. It rejuvenates the body and mind of the kid. So dancing provides physical and mental strength to the kid. It also help them keep their weight in check. Bones become strong and rigid because of dancing. Dance is also promoted as a medium for refreshment.

Few days back we have shared an old man’s epic dance. Eventhough this is not related to it in anyway, these dances provide a entertainment factor and eases our mood. It will make you free from every tension in your mind. Dance is performed with the help of human body movement. It is widely considered as an entertainment quotient as well as for serious studies.

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