A Super Body Massaging Prank

Pranks are practical jokes played on some people. Often they are extremely hilarious and enjoyable. They are mainly done using tricks without any doubt. These tricks are used so randomly that the victim falls in the trap majority of the time. These jokes are very quick and funny.

This is a massaging prank played by some friends. One of the friend of the pranksters is invited to a massage parlour where a girl is doing massages. Actually the massage girl is also a part of the prank. What happens next is hilarious and so funny. The boy is completely gets fooled by the friends. Adding to the injury, the whole prank gets shot in a camera.

The real purpose of a prank is to fool somebody or to feel them embarrassed. Pranks are often designed brilliantly to create laugh and fun. There is even a day for pranksters – April fool day. Sometimes it gets rough and people gets hurt. Some pranks even lead extreme activities.

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