Terrible accident

Visuals of a terrible accident occurred in kerala is going viral over Internet. The accident happened only because of the carelessness from the part of the bike rider. You should remember what carelessness can cause in your life.After watching this video, you will remember the trick when you are on the road next time.If the bike rider had shown some patience, the accident and the fatal injury could be avoided. But lack of patience have shown him the way to hospital bed.

The incident happened in a normal road at car. Vehicles were going as usual until something terrible happened. A car was trying to overtake a another car which was moving very slowly. The bike rider came from the same side tried to overtake the overtaking car even though there was no space available. The two cars and bike have almost consumed the entire space of the road and there was absolutely no space for the vehicles coming in opposite direction. A carrier auto coming from the opposite side collided with the bike. In the impact of the collision the rider was thrown of the bike and was hit hard to the wall. The loosely strapped helmet was also thrown out of his head. This might have caused a serious injury to the rider. The auto driver came to the rescue of the victim. Accident happened only because of the bike driver who was in a hurry and tried to overtake two parallel going cars. The auto driver had no clue that a bike rider will come like this from the opposite end. Also nobody can blame a slow moving car.

If he would had tightened his helmet strap a little better, he might have saved himself from some serious injuries. Often people don’t bother to tighten their helmet straps. It can cause serious injuries. Helmets are meant to save people from head injuries. During a collision the strap of the helmet should be strong enough to lock the helmet in the head and prevent head injuries. Next time when you are riding a bike, make sure that your helmet is perfect.

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