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Materazzi Reveals What He Really Said To Zidane

After a lot of speculations Marco Materazzi has revealed what he really said to Zinedine zidane. By this revelation the mystery surrounding the fight between the international players have been solved.

The incident took place way back at 2006, in the world cup final between Italy and France. Both of them were seen talking to each other alot of times during the match. Suddenly out of nowhere, zidane head butted Materazzi. Match official showed a red card to zidane. Later Italy won the world cup.

In Materazzi’s latest press conference he revealed that he had speaked about zidane’s sister not his mother. A lot of reports stated that he said something bad about Zidane’s mother and that leaded to the fight. Zidane opened the truth on the 10 th anniversary of the incident.

The final game of the world cup in Germany between Italy and France remained 1-1 at full time. The fight incident happened during the extra time and the game went on to penalty shoot out. France really missed Zidane in the penalty shoot out, won by Italy 5-1. Zidane, even lost the golden boot due to this incident.

Materazzi said that he used really bad words against Zidane, but he also added that those words never deserved a hit. Those words are often speaked in his regional football teams.

“The stories made up by fans and media about the incident really hurted me alot. My mother died at the age of 15, so I would never say anything bad about his mother” he said

Currently Materazzi is in India coaching ISL team Chennayin FC. Zidane is working as the manager of the Real Madrid club. They have never met after the incident

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