Treat Migraine In 3 Minutes

A large chunk of people in our society is suffering from migraine. Migraine is a complex disorder which involves brain and surrounding veins. Often migraine headaches are very painful and unbearable. The video shows how to get rid of migraine in 3 minutes. Watch and try yourself.

Before treating a disease, we have to know why it affects us. The reasons for migraines are very complex and nobody was able to give a proper reason for migraine till now. The main reasons for migraines are nervous system disorders and vascular problems. The most important cause is the irregularity in the blood vessels in brain. Sometimes migraine is passed as a hereditary disease through genes. If you are suffering from migraine check whether your forefathers has suffered from this disorder. Then the cause is genes. Sometimes chemical abnormalities in your body also results in migraine.

There are some activities which triggers migraine. Some people are sensitive to salty and tinned foods. When they consume these things it triggers migraine. Those people should avoid salty food in order to avoid migraine. Alcohol is also a trigger for the disorder. If you are suffering from migraine, don’t go near to alcohol. Like alcohol some caffeine drinks also act as triggers. Also avoid foods with too much preservatives.

Hormonal imbalance is the common cause for migraine in women. The varying level of estrogen in there body leads to migraine. Last but not the least, stress is the major reason for this painful headaches.

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