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We have all heard a lot of things about Ulcer. But have you ever cared to understand what is this disease ? People often consider it as a silly disease. Yes it is a small disease and easily curable. But what if it is not diagnosed in the initial stages and didn’t undergo proper treatments ?

The results is serious and can even lead to cancer. Ulcer is something we should take care of in a proper way. Don’t take it as lightly. It can lead you to some serious troubles. As the saying precaution is better than cure, make sure that you are well prepared.

What is ulcer ? Do you know ? Ulcers are sores or projections formed in the stomach lining. It can also be found in small intestine. They are very painful.

The reason for the formation of ulcers is acids. we all know that our stomach produces a certain amount of acids for digestion. Our body parts are protected by a mucus, from the acid reaction. When the amount of this mucus production reduces in our body, it leads to disintegration of body parts.

In the absence of sufficient mucus in our body, the strong acids comes in contact with the body lining and make sores. This is called ulcers. Ulcers are also caused by certain other factors. Bacterial attacks also induces ulcer in our body. Drugs like aspirin, ibuprofen etc are also a reason for this terrible disease.

Certain behavioral factors also tends to induce ulcer in human body. Smoking and alcohol consumption comes first in the list. Overproduction of calcium is also a reason. There is a chance of this disease to be transferred through heredity.

If you ancestors has ulcer, you have a high probability to undergo ulcer attack. So take a regular check. It will be helpful in many ways.

The main symptom of ulcer is the intensified pain on the stomach area. The pain can last for hours. A ulcer patient quickly losses his weight and often feel heartburn. If you any of the above symptoms contact a doctor as soon as possible.

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