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We all are familiar with Kanthari Mulaku. It is also called as Bird eye chilli or Thai chilli. They have high medicinal values and is often used in many medicines. they are used in very small quantities as they are very strong. Mostly they are used in ayurvedic treatments. They Are always seen at ground level.

Flowers are seen in clusters. They can be seen in green, yellow, red and orange colors. Sometimes it is seen as a mixture of colours. Bird love to pick this chilli due to its colour, that’s why they are called as bird chilli.

Apart from medicinal values, it is also used in many traditional dishes. It is one of top hottest item in the world. The production of this type of chilli is very low. It have high weight reducing qualities.

When you consume it, the chilli increases your body metabolism and helps to reduce weight. Normally when you consume hot things like chilli, body tends to increase its temperature. In Order to lower the temperature to normal levels, our body burns more calories. This results in weight reduction.

The most important use of bird chilli is in cuisine. Some really tasty and nutrient foods are made with this chilli. Food items like Chammanthi, chutney etc are made with this chilli. There are many companies who have started to sell these online.

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