Atlast that happened too. Men lost in vadamvali. Here is vadamvali game conducted by a residents association on the eve of onam celebrations. The organisers have set up a girls team and boys team to compete each other. At first look it might look a little unfair because often ladies are considered as weak and men are considered as strong. But what happened next was funny and hilarious. The game started and the ladies pulled the rope with all their might. As a result they won the game they have won the game and started to jump in joy.

Vadamvali is also called as tug of war. It tests the strength of two groups who are at the either side of the ropes. A heavy and strong rope is used for the game. Nobody knows where it have originated actually. But it is a popular game in kerala. There are remains of this game in the konark temple in odisha. Usually a team of 8 are allowed to participate in this game. Often more than 8 plays in non official games. Here also there are more than 8 people on either side. The team which pulls the other to their side wins the game. Sometimes the game is played in three rounds. Whoever wins majority rounds is determined as the winner.

Tug of war was a event in Olympics from 1900. But it has been removed from the sports from 1920. The international federation of tug of war conducts the matches internationally. In kerala often it is played as a fun element in the occasion of onam. There are 400 professional team in kerala.

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