Venugopal and Chitra with a beautiful song

Mg venugopal and ks chithra are back with a beautiful song. the song starting “unaru unaru” has been sensational and is currently trending on social media sites. The song was released on the occasion of chingam 1. With the old score and stunning voices the song is a treat to hear.

Mg Venugopal made his debut through the film odaruthu ammava aalariyam. Since then he has sung over 300 films. He also have more than 500 albums in his kitty. The talented singer has won kerala state awards thrice as the price for his marvellous singing. Mg radhakrishnan played a big role in his singing career. sasneham g venugopal is a charity initiative started by venugopal for helping poor and needy ones.

Ks chithra is one of the most talented singers kerala has ever produced. She has sung in more than 10 indian languages. she has received the national award six times, the most by a female singer. she also passed voice to more than 25000 songs. The singer is proud recipient of padma shri. Like mg venugopal chithra is also born in trivandrum. her father krishnan nair washer first teacher. Her husband’s name is viajyasankar, an engineer settled in chennai. she made her debyt thriugh the film Attahasam.

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