Here is a old man doing some crazy moves in a function. This is something funny and hilarious to the core. A singer is performing in a function and sends an open invitation for dancers from audience. A lady comes forward and moves her body. She tried her maximum and to dance according to the rhythm. Initially the old man comes the singer and watches the lady dancing. The man gets motivated by the rhythm of the song and makes a move. The moves are hilarious and funny that you wouldn’t be able to stop laughing for some time. I bet you are gonna watch it for a second time and gonna share for your friends.

The wife of the man who accompanied the man tries to stop the man from dancing. But the lady fails to stop the crazy man and backs away with her and in head. She might have felt little embarrassment for her husband’s hilarious dance. Actually there is nothing to embarrass. the man is showing his potential to the crowd in this age and is something we should appreciate. The mani well received by claps and cheers among the audience. It is not a small thing to make the audience cheer in a gloomy function like this. The man has done something extraordinary and should be received in all corners in a good manner.

Dance is an art form which is performed with the help of human body movement. It is widely considered as an entertainment quotient as well as for serious studies. dances are used to tell stories and messages. people tend to dance in happy moments in a way to express their expressions. It is also a way to relax our body and mind. There are some dance forms which are related to martial arts. Dance forms increases the flexibility and shape of the body. Often it is prescribed as a exercise.

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