VFX – Oozham

Oozham crew has released the vfx breakdown video and guess what, it is trending on social media sites. The VFX of the film is done by Magmyth. Tony tom has worked as the VFX supervisor. The three minute video shows the effort taken by the VFx crew to make such a film. In my memory this is the first time, a film is releasing its VFX breakdown visuals in Mollywood. It was something amazing to notice that some of the incidents which we believe are real are also made through VFX. This is an eye opener for people who have little knowledge about VFX.

The team has poured a large amount of sweat for this excellent work. The level and quality of the work is superb. The movie Oozham has one of the best VFx in malayalam. The video works as great source of information for those people who have absolutely no information about VFX. I hope, the team also release its previous works also.

Oozham is a thriller film directed by Jeethu Joseph. The film is produced by George and Anto. The director has also written the story of the film. Prithviraj, Neeraj Madhav, Divya Pillai and Resna Pavithran acted in lead roles. The gripping music is done by Anil Johnson. The cinematography of the movie is handled by Shamdat Sainudheen. The cuts are done by Ayoob Khan.

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